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HTF (A) series of axial flow fire exhaust fan
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HTF (A) series of axial flow fire exhaust fan


HTF (A) series of high-temperature smoke exhaust fan axial fan with CAD software, multi-objective optimization design, matching molded axial impeller (, type) or mixed impeller (, type) built-in high-temperature motor, equipped with special motor cooling system. Use the direct-drive two-speed motor to achieve a dual-purpose machine (that is, usually send and discharge ventilation and fire when using high-temperature exhaust), equipped with electric control box can be remote automatic control, with high temperature performance, high efficiency, small size (Horizontal, vertical, hoisting can be), etc., are widely used in high-rise buildings, drying room, underground garage, subways, tunnels and other occasions, fire and smoke exhaust ventilation. According to GA211-2009 fire fan high temperature test method, in 400 high temperature conditions for 100 minutes of continuous operation, the medium temperature 100 continuous operation under 20 hours / times without damage, has been recognized by the major cities of the fire department .


This series of fans can be installed according to the requirements of the use of occasions, peripheral silencer box, made HTF (A) -X box fire smoke exhaust fan can also be made into HTF-W roof fan.


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