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G6-30 Boiler Induced Draft Fan
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G6-30 Boiler Induced Draft Fan


1. Uses: Boiler matching blower, with high efficiency, low noise. In addition to the blower for supporting the use of the boiler can also be used for medium temperature does not exceed 50 , non-corrosive and viscous material to the exhaust system.

2. Structural features: blower mainly by the impeller, chassis, air inlet, air distribution, rack composition

(1) The impeller is made up of several pieces, curve type front plate and straight back plate. The wheel is made by steel plate. The impeller is checked by dynamic balance. It has good rotation performance, low noise and stable running.

(2) chassis made of ordinary steel plate into the volcano.

(3) into the wind made of the whole, installed in the fan side, with the impeller into the first-class synthesis of anastomosis, can make the gas downstream and into, reduce losses.

(4) the general blower with a damper is used to adjust the size of the air flow of an annex, so that the amount of wind pressure transferred to the boiler to run the best condition.


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