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Motor parts manufacturers to introduce foreign advanced maintenance technology!

China's various types of motor power consumption accounts for China's total industrial electricity consumption of 60%~70%, so the motor such tremendous prospects. However, the competition in the field of motor energy saving in many technical energy saving industry in the most intense and cruel. According to the present study shows that there are many main sub sectors and listed company motor energy saving, including power plant air cooling technology, two power plant equipment, carbon capture and storage, inverter, transformer, energy efficient motors, power electronics and components and other sub sectors.
In 2014, ultra high performance copper rotor motor by Nanyang explosion group developed and produced by Yunnan copper die casting technology company to provide the international copper rotor efficiency medal, has caused widespread concern in the industry. This is the first international award in the field of electrical machinery in China, represents China's high efficiency and energy saving motor technology to reach the world advanced level. But Nanyang explosion Group Chairman Wei Huajun told reporters that the copper rotor motor has the advantages of energy saving, energy saving motor prospects are very promising, but the promotion process is facing difficulties.
Various types of low efficiency, small motor is the first major power consumption. The traditional motor efficiency in low load and low power factor, the actual use of the big car Mara phenomenon is very serious, rare earth permanent magnet motor application core technology to industrial sawing machine, CNC milling machine, bench drill, diesel engine etc. the energy saving effect is obvious, is expected in the next 5 years the technology popularization ratio can be increased from 5% to now less than 1%.
But for a long time, the average life of motor in China is 3% to 5% lower than that of foreign countries, and the operating system efficiency is 10% to 20% lower than that of foreign countries. In 2013, China's motor reserves of about 1 billion 700 million kilowatts, the total electricity consumption of 3 trillion kwh, accounting for 64% of total electricity consumption, industrial power of 75%. Data show that if the efficiency of the motor system is increased by 5% to 8%, the annual savings of electricity is equivalent to two to three of the Three Gorges Dam power generation. "Copper rotor motor, which represents the highest level of the motor set up in the world." Wang Qinping, executive vice president of China Energy Conservation Association, uses a set of data to objectively explain the power consumption of the motor, and the significance of improving the energy consumption of the motor.
Therefore, based on the current status of the market estimates, each one percentage point improve the motor efficiency, can save about 26000000000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, if the motor system efficiency is increased by 5% to 8% per year, equivalent to saving the electricity generating capacity of two to three of the Three Gorges reservoir.
First, the government should introduce the relevant standard policies, and guide the healthy development of enterprises. The government should focus on the research and development of classification and test methods for motor system energy efficiency standards, the products involved in the design, manufacture, promotion and application of each link, including the standard of energy efficient product selection, matching, detection, and monitoring of motor running stock measurement system, energy saving assessment and proposed detailed requirements. At the same time to cancel the financial subsidy policy, by strengthening supervision and management, strengthen the standard constraints and energy efficient motor products compulsory certification, strict market access, improve the motor efficiency increment level, forced motor production enterprises to upgrade.
Followed by the motor industry should promote cooperation in production capacity, to avoid vicious competition in the low-end. The motor industry in the implementation of the "going out" strategy, promote international cooperation capacity has power generation, transmission and distribution enterprises first, and have achieved certain results. Therefore, the industry who have certain conditions the advantages of enterprises should actively expand international cooperation, expand market space, improve the level of internationalization. And get rid of the export of electric motor disorderly competition is to avoid the vicious market competition, high-end products, special products of the road. The domestic motor industry should fundamentally change the species monotonous, the structure behind the situation, aimed at the high-end market, re positioning, and constantly introduce new.
Finally, the motor industry to speed up the overall promotion of the key industries in the smart manufacturing". In the face of product prices continue to decline, rising labor costs, lower profits, enterprise survival pressure, has a good basis for the implementation of key industries should speed up the comprehensive promotion of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and increase special pilot work support and investment, strong tests, key breakthrough. In the smart manufacturing system framework and standard system top design at the same time, increase in key industries to promote demonstration.

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