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Generator rental manufacturers analysis: the future of high ···

Generator rental manufacturers analysis: the future of high efficiency and energy efficient motor Market

In the future, there will be a broader market for the energy saving potential of high efficiency motors. Generally speaking, the speed control motor's energy conservation must use the frequency changer to realize, may say its energy saving effect is mainly manifests in the frequency changer's use. And the high efficiency motor has the effect of saving energy.
Research, development, production and application of high efficiency motors have been advanced in the world since the United States popularized high efficiency motors in the form of law (EPAct) in October 1997. In 1999, the EU proposed the CEMEP-EU agreement, the motor efficiency is divided into EFF3, EFF2 and EFF13 levels, and specific provisions of the promotion of efficient motor schedule. Many countries in the world have set the standard of high efficiency motors in the country, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other countries to adopt EPAct standards of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India and other countries using the CEMEP-EU protocol, China has also developed a "national standard limit value and energy efficiency rating of energy efficiency of small three-phase asynchronous motor based on CEMEP-EU protocol". This shows that the efficient motor will occupy a very important role in the future of the market.
At present, it is also vigorously promoting their efficient motor. In addition to support the application of 87Hz technology, the use of 87Hz technology, the efficiency of the machine, the system energy saving. Because the rated speed of the 87HZ motor is increased, and the conversion of the slip has not changed, thus the difference in the proportion of the rated speed decreases. Experimental data show that by improving the motor operating frequency to 87Hz, the motor efficiency can be increased by up to 5%.
Meet the IE2 standard high efficiency motor MHXMA series three-phase asynchronous motor, small volume, light weight, efficiency indicators in line with the European IE2 standards, compare the series motor with IEC standard products, can make the equipment manufacturers and end users to obtain higher output power, is the ideal choice for energy saving products.
In fact, in addition to the motor itself, if used together with the reducer, and its efficiency is higher. The gear box series are toothedsurfacereducer efficient. The optimization design of gear reducer Lentz quiet, efficient operation. Compared with the same type of reducer, the speed reducer has a smaller back gap, and the transmission is more accurate, efficient and reliable. Among them, the direct cross shaft reducer of energy saving, such as GKR series reducer, running efficiency of about 95%.

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