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Wenling pump and motor industry in provincial machine substitution industry pilot

Recently, the provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Department of Finance issued by the 2017 annual "machine substitution industry promote the implementation of the program finalists, pump and motor industry of Wenling city was selected to become the footwear industry in Wenling city after the second, third Taizhou provincial machine substitution industry pilot, the pilot will receive provincial finance 5 million yuan of special funds to support.
"Machine substitution is the provincial government put forward the" four for four "one of the project, is an important measure to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, opening up a new pattern of economic development of the traditional manufacturing industry, is to promote the traditional industry with the modernization, automation equipment, promoting technological dividend alternative demographic dividend, as a new industrial upgrading and the power source of sustained economic growth.
In 2014, the province for the first time, the implementation of the machine substitutions into the pilot industry, footwear industry in Wenling province was included in the "machine substitution mechanism innovation to promote the pilot, and received 7 million yuan of special funds to finance strategic emerging industries.
Since the implementation of shoemaking machine substitutions, Wenling municipal government attaches great importance to the city economic and Information Bureau and other relevant departments to seize the opportunity, strengthen policy guidance, stimulate enterprise machine substitutions enthusiasm; the footwear industry have introduced the manipulator, automatic control equipment or automatic assembly line, technical upgrading, upgrading by the transformation of machine substitutions leveraging industry. In Wenling the city's first batch of 16 pilot enterprises, 200 key machine substitution project completed investment of 3 billion 500 million yuan, driven by industrial investment and modernization of technical innovation investment increased 10.78% and 45.2%. Shoe machine substitutions to achieve the transformation of the traditional process of ascension, the city's footwear industry employment in 2014 based on the reduction of 64 thousand, 2015 was reduced by 23 thousand, reduce the labor of more than 30%.
Because the Wenling footwear industry pilot machine substitutions to achieve better results, in December 2015, the province's footwear machine substitution project site will be held in Wenling.
The industry machine substitutions in advance of the pilot work carried out in two years, effectively promoted the labor intensive industry block to modern industrial cluster upgrading, and effectively promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry. This year, 10 key industries, the provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Department of finance to determine the appliance industry, textile industry, battery industry and other 15 industries in 2017, machine substitutions industry pilot, and strive for the Defense Review by experts on the declaration area implementation plan, pump and motor industry of Wenling city was selected.
In recent years, Wenling City Machine substitutions in the forefront, in the city of Taizhou in three years, in addition to Huangyan District plastic products industry in 2016, "machine substitution industry pilot, the entire city of Taizhou, only the shoemaking industry of Wenling city and the pump and motor industry selected. "This is the footwear industry 'machine substitution" in 2015 the city industry pilot to achieve better results, we work to get higher authorities affirmation; hand pump and motor industry in our city economy in a pivotal position and concentration is higher, "machine substitution" needs urgent, mature and selected transformation route." Wenling economic and Information Bureau, said the person in charge.
Pump and motor industry is a pillar industry in Wenling, but also a labor-intensive industry. Leader Leo shares included in the national "digital" pilot, received 27 million yuan of funds to support the new pump; invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce 12 sets of automatic wire embedding machine, a machine two hours of production workers to operate, a 120 motor, while the previous manual operation, a skilled production only three or four hours the same motor, the machine substitution effect is obvious.
Wenling City Economic and information bureau responsible person said, we are confident that the pilot of pump and motor industry in our city, the province's "machine substitution industry, fully arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises in the industry, accelerate the transformation of manufacturing mode of promotion, and effectively promote the equipment manufacturing enterprises to seize the opportunity to accelerate the improvement of modern equipment manufacturing industry the development of. In the pump and motor industry agglomeration area builds machine substitutions to promote formation of system, technological transformation and equipment manufacturing enterprises, the implementation of integrated development, engineering services in close cooperation mechanism, promote synergy of pump and motor industry "machine substitution".

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