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The machine substitutions become the motor and the development direction of the kitchen industry

October 27 to 29, Ninth 2016 China electric kitchen utensils exhibition cum high-tech fair held in Shengzhou.
The current situation of the development of production enterprises, annual production value of 1000 billion yuan in Shengzhou pillar industry - motor industry gets reflected in the most incisive exposition, whether it is upstream of the machinery and equipment, raw materials, spare parts, instruments, or downstream of the electrical appliance etc..
"Shengzhou kitchen popularity, has been extended from domestic to foreign countries, in Italy, Germany, India, Britain and other exhibitions, Shengzhou kitchen companies are expanding foreign markets with an irresistible force." President of the Shengzhou kitchen industry association Sun Weiyong said, hi tech fair is the highlight of this exhibition kitchen motor.
Zhejiang Jin a special motor Co. Ltd. booth crowded, general manager Zhou J said proudly, the company developed TJY series three-phase synchronous servo motor energy efficiency to reach the standard level, small volume, weight is 1/3 similar products, can replace the DC motor, installed in a special space.
Yitian electric chairman Sun Weiyong said his company will focus on the planning and investment of 250 million yuan for the construction of the plant, machine substitutions, intelligence information, the initial realization of intelligent production integrated stove core products.
The scene, Scientific Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other more than and 20 universities, and local enterprises signed 30 projects, involving new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, bio pharmaceuticals and other emerging industries, as well as electro acoustic, kitchenware, tie, electric machinery and other traditional industries in the field. Cooperation in the form of R & D center, the transfer of high-tech achievements, new product development, new technology development and application, etc..

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